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low-maintenance and durable
As a leading composite supplier Green Plank is proud of their innovative,
pioneering spirit, and remains committed to the development of innova-
tive low-maintenance outdoor products that augment high performance
and sustainability.
Already in 2004 we started to produce composite products by experi-
menting with various types of bio-wastes, combined with recycled plas-
tic. Along the way we have performed extensive testing and certified our
products. We have extensive technical knowledge and vast experience
in production of composite materials from concept to completion, which
has allowed us to gain a real competitive advantage.
Green Plank
barefoot friendly terrace decking, fencing,
planks and façade panels are made from a homogeneous
combination of natural materials – wood/rice-hulls and plas-
tic fibers. This unique combination of nature and techno-
logy offers all the beauty, strength, and variety of natural
fibers and durability of plastic making Green Plank
site products naturally, high-performance with greater resi-
stance to moisture, mold, mildew, UV and staining.
Our decking products are being used for backyard-decks,
leisure areas, promenades, boardwalks, marinas and many
other residential and commercial projects, etc.
Our planks are being used to build durable park benches,
garden furniture and yacht flooring with a much lower life-
cycle cost comparing other materials.
Green Plank - an innovator in composites
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