Green Plank Composite Decking, Fencing and Cladding Brochure - EN - page 3

Better for you and the
Green Plank
composite products are free from for-
maldehyde and completely non-toxic. Made from 63%
reclaimed wood or rice hulls fiber, 27% High Density
polyethylene plastic and 10 percent additives including
binding agents, UV-inhibiting pigments, etc.
Color is encapsulated throughout along with UV addi-
tives which provides fade resistance. Some fading will
occur to give your deck a naturally weathered look.
Select from a range of natural wood tones, earth tones
or the look of freshly painted colors. Mix and Match to
create beautiful patterns and complimentary decking
accessories and fencing systems.
Most wood decks need to be:
- sanded
- oiled
- stained & sealed
Unlike wood decks, which require continuous main-
tenance, Green Plank
composite products require a
periodic cleaning only, to keep them looking good over
the years. To clean, just use warm, soapy water and a
soft bristle brush to remove dirt and debris.
giving you more time to
enjoy your backyard space..
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