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It’s the innovation behind the beauty
When you choose Green Plank’s SmartCap™ decking, you show your smarts in a deck that will outperform and
outlast without losing its beautiful, natural good looks. SmartCap™ technology provides an unprecedented barrier
against the harsh effects of ultraviolet light, driving rain, high humidity and the extremes of heat and cold. It also
offers an added bonus of dimensional stability and impact resistance. It keeps colors looking deep and rich, year
after year.
Capped with a protective polymer shell, SmartCap™ is our 4th generation
Composite decking resistant to the elements that every deck endures.
No Clips, quick & easy installation
You don’t need any deck-fastening clips to mount
our SmartCap™ tongue and groove decking. The
board easily click into place without the concern over
even spacing between boards resulting a very uni-
form and smooth surface.
SmartCap™ decking arrives with predrilled holes
(25mm c/c distance).
A protective, low-gloss matte finish
A stunning low-gloss, natural matte finish that
resists oxidation, clouding, fading and staining
far beyond any other composite or PVC decking.
Protective shell technology
Standard Length:
3800 mm
approx. 6.94 meters for 1 sqm
approx. 4.18 kg / meter
172 mm
142 mm
23 mm
SmartCap™ L-trim SmartCap™ F-trim
Joist - hollow
& solid
33 * 80 * 1900
33 * 80 * 1900
10 * 80 * 2400
40 * 70 * 3600
Baltic Grey
1,2,3 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,...28
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