Green Plank Composite Decking, Fencing and Cladding Brochure - EN - page 6

Ingrained with natural and distinctive character
Our Smart™ decking is inspired by natural minerals and earth pigments, the color palette is rich and vivid – and
preferred by homeowners and architects over other decking materials. Each carefully formulated shade includes
attractive multi-chromatic tones and streaking.
Gorgeous colors, uniform surface and interlocking tongue and groove
connection offers a timeless look that friends and neighbors will admire for
years to come.
No Clips, quick & easy installation
You don’t need any deck-fastening clips to mount
our Smart™ tongue and groove decking. The board
easily click into place without the concern over even
spacing between boards resulting a very uniform
and smooth surface.
Smart™ decking arrives with predrilled holes (25mm
c/c distance).
Incredible choice with incredible beauty
The multi-color streaking in each board creates an
authentic grain pattern, inviting you to relax and
enjoy your personal tropical paradise.
Rich, multi-toned colors
Standard Length:
3800 mm
approx. 6.45 meters for 1 sqm
approx. 3.67 kg / meter
182 mm
152 mm
23 mm
Smart™ L-trim
Smart™ F-trim
Joist - hollow
& solid
33 * 80 * 1900
33 * 80 * 1900
10 * 80 * 2400
40 * 70 * 3600
Cloudy Grey
American Walnut
1,2,3,4,5 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,...28
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